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I totally blew it last night!

I want to keep things very tight and to the point on the teaching now. Your time is increasingly limited and valuable and I don't want to doddle.

Guess what? It went longer than I planned so the replay video is longer. ARGH! I'm concerned that you won't want to watch it because of that.

But guess what else? I nailed it! GOD NAILED IT!

I've got a short summary vid here - watch that and get hungry for more.

Please, for your sake and for the Kingdom - make time to watch the short and then catch the full version.

I can't even claim it's my stuff. I present (in my own way) a model that I read (not from a Christian book.) But I put my signature on it by doing what I do - connecting the dots to scripture and to us in THIS time. You'll be amazed at how biblical this is.

As you learn this you'll see yourself, others, and the nation much more clearly.

God is continuing to say: STOP BEING STUPID SHEEP! Break free from the victim triangle.

Too many are taken out by being some part of the victim/persecutor/rescuer triangle. But we can move into freedom.

Where are you trapped into the old? Your problem may be that you're a rescuer. But a rescuer reinforces the victim in others.

You're still caught in it all. Cut it out!

There is SO much more that God wants us to move in. TAKE THE PROMOTION HE'S OFFERING. Become who you are meant to be.

BTW - I re-watched a good part of last night's teaching while rendering the video this morning. I never do that.

Know what? I learned even MORE by watching myself teach it. That is so weird...Guess God's on this word.

Dip in and watch - understand how these things are at work in the scripture and in your life. See where you're falling into the holes and MOVE out and INTO the co-creator model.

He's waiting.

Stay dangerous.


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