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Great news! You DON'T have to read this....

That's because there's a really quick 3 minute video that will get you the 'gist' of last night. Just click here.

What? You're still reading? Okay....Well I guess this is now the second in a series (which was not planned) with the partial heading, "No Stupid Sheep."

Not trying to insult anyone - but I AM trying to get attention.

The brief video brief is where you'll get the update and see some of the great slides that we walked through last night. 3 minutes is so short.

You can watch it during a break - watch it during breakfast tomorrow, lunch or just listen to it while you drive.

(Please don't try to watch while you drive like Nikki does.....Oops. Did I say that out loud?)

If you think it's helpful then forward it to someone you know. The word needs to spread and your a spreader. (Okay....we'll leave that one alone.)

This is how this works. New day - new model.

The full teaching has the links right below and there is a LOT more there for the hungry only.

God is moving and we're going to try and keep up.


Full teaching -

Video - part 1 - 21 minutes

Video - part 2 - 23 minutes

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