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Watch for this NOW: Open Heaven access? Look for Deep Waters

Here is the quick 3 minute video....It's the best way I can get you the gist of what went down last night. (Volume may be low - crank it up.)

This image (below) captures the gist of what to look for: An open heaven over deep waters.

There are 4 areas where the open heaven is active in this 3rd, biblical month. A pattern that God 'time stamped' for a reason.

But you MUST get that this open heaven is OVER DEEP WATER. We're IN that but you want to move into MORE.

You'll enjoy the prophetic interpretation of the goldfish image above - it's an interesting picture of where/how we often get stuck. (Find it in the Part A - around minute 15.)

Watch the short summary and see if it 'tastes like more.' If so, that means you'll want to see the full teaching to get the whole revelation. (Part A here. 19 min. Part B here. 24 min.)

If you are not feeling/sensing/seeing this move of the Spirit - CRY OUT! It's here - we're in the THICK of it.

I will tell you that I think an 'Open Heaven' is like when it's 'Open Season.' It's GAME ON but you must be 'in the hunt.'

Do not MISS this time of visitation.


PS....okay, my 3 minute video is actually about 4. I'm trying, I'm trying. Please PRAY for me on this. Hard to compress it all.

Part A - Open Heaven Over Deep Waters here. (19 min.)

Part B - Open Heaven Over Deep Waters here. (24 min.)

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