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Brokenness as Deep Water access to an Open Heaven

Are you feeling like you're in too small of a story? If you're reading this you're plugged into something BIG.

Not because we're some hot.....whatever, but because God has pulled back the veil and shown us how He's mobilizing the heirs for Kingdom.

Why are you holding back?

Too often the image we have of ourselves individually and as those gathered believers is killing us.

(3 minute intro/encouragement vid here. But you'll want to watch the whole teaching.)

Language leads to images - images drive vision and self perception. Too much of this is supporting a consumer model while God is calling us to advance.

The past couple of weeks have been a HUGE time of breaking for me. God took me to the brink to see if I would be willing to risk it all.

It was painful - hard - scary. But amazingly enough, I did it. All but surprised myself.

I could have handled things better when the time came to step into that deep water. There was some old garbage stirred up - a bit of a mess.

But God has this remarkable way of working with us - particularly in our brokenness - to deal with us and with others and to move His Kingdom forward.

We are indeed the company of the boldly broken: The critical blend of flaws AND strength and we must move forward holding both.

Please make some time to watch the replay from The Deck. (Click here)

I know you don't have the time...and I do wish it was shorter. Just start to watch and see if God will draw you in.

You will hear how this brokenness came down and some details of an amazing new work of God called Christian Experts. I was with the leadership team for a whole week.

It is another manifestation of God's carrier model.

God IS changing the world through Heir-Craft Carriers. We're one and we have been blessed to present the model so others may catch the vision. And now we're connected to them and they to us.

It will be a wild and amazing ride.

God has used these past two weeks to take me into some very deep water. It was hard. It was confusing. It was deadly.

I'm still tender from it but in the best way.

In that depth, heaven has opened.

Do not be afraid of YOUR deep water. SEARCH FOR IT.

Work through the questions on the photo above.

Remember - when you leap, you will not be alone. He IS with you but you do have to choose to jump in.

We need all of you moving in ALL that God has for you. You will be glad you did.


Full teaching YouTube link here.

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