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No trading this month - you'll LOSE in the Exchange

Don't miss this. There's a clear and present danger.

God has a glory that you reflect but you have decisions to make.

As for you - It’s the best of all possible ways to live, breathe and move in this life. Are you willing?

(Click here for the short summary vid - take 5 and get the word.)

This is the biblical month anchored around the events at Mt. Sinai with the gold calf and the disaster that follows.

But attend to this: At the same time, there were two very different conversations going on: One at the base camp – one at the Peak, in the Presence.

Aaron is under the pressure of a people who feel they’ve been abandoned. They demand comfort - a god like they knew in Egypt to lead them forward.

He caves to the demand and the golden calf is cast.

In scripture we find not only the immediate consequences but the long term play as well.

3000 go down shortly but fast forward centuries and this same month is when the walls of Jerusalem are breached by Babylon in judgment for idolatry. The consequences of traded glory and the pattern from Sinai play repetitively out in the generations.

It's always the same danger: Trading of the Some-One for a some-thing. A substitution in an exchange that stands before us all.

The stillness of waiting can push us, just like it did Israel. How are you doing right NOW?

Things not working out the way you thought? God seem silent? Someone who was helping you hear from God now absent?

It's so easy to cave in and miss the glory that is waiting 'round the corner. We exchange it for an immediate solution.

A quick fix that usually pulls us back to old patterns and habits and diminishes God’s reflected glory in us.

Beyond the more common issues of money, security, and position lie the more subtle traps of religious structures, fear of warfare, relationships and even family.

They pull like black hole gravity against what God has told us – what He has waiting for us.

Aaron and Moses (Ex. 32) demonstrate this contrast of the pressure of people v the Presence of God. The decisions flow from their location and focus.

That’s key to your decision points this month: Pressure or Presence; Worship or Waffle; Goop or Glory?

There is absolutely stunning glory on your life.

Can you see it or is it too much to hope for? The enemy is trying to cloud and panic you but God is waiting to see how you’ll respond.

Glory involves risk. You have to choose whether to succumb to the pressure of normalcy or rise like a city set on a hill.

In Mark 5, Jairus is a man with an image: He has position and prestige. He humbles himself to beg help from Jesus.

But then the bottom falls out with this message: ‘Your daughter is dead – Give up that hope in Jesus. It’s over.’

Had he taken that counsel, he would have played it safe, saved some face but missed the glory.

What dreams have died for you and you’ve thought – ‘Well, that’s done. Why bother Jesus anymore?’

In this month, He’s speaking into our dream-daughters that have died and He says, ‘Dream – Arise!’

Don't trade the glory that waits you for a quick fix.


You want to watch the full teaching - there's much more about this month: Click here.

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