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Looking for the Prize?

Really great night here at The Deck. Literally overflowing with people and laughter and The Presence of the King.

Mike Wells was our guest presenter. Born in Montana, he brings a heart that reflects that grand perspective in all that he does. And all he does is for Kingdom!

Here's a quick 2 minute vid to tee it up: Click here

Mike brought an important and timely word last night about a truth that most of us would rather not embrace: Endurance.

But he brought this word well and with grace and it hit home for all of us. (Full teaching click here.)

There is only one way that we can know the level of endurance we have - Mike connected those dots and walked us through how it is developed, or not.

He also showed what is at risk when we don't press through to the end and how we need to calculate not just the WHAT but the WHO is at stake.

A critical reminder for me was that we must keep our eyes on the reward that is offered. There is a race, a fight, and a challenge.

And there is a prize.

Author John Eldredge wrote, "I can suffer for something; I can't suffer for nothing."

What's the something that's before you RIGHT NOW?

Click here for the full teaching and allow the Spirit to imprint the heart of this message and this unique messenger onto you.

It's encouraging.

it's important.

It's for this particular time.

See you next Thursday at The Deck.


Full teaching click here.

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