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Don't resign! Align! ----- War for the next generation

(Click here to watch this 3 minute video here to get a Truth Shot summary.)

I love having REAL DEAL people come to present at The Deck.

These are folks who have been in the fight and bear the scares to prove it.

This way all they really have to do is to show up and they IMPRINT that unique part of God's heart onto us.

Bill and Pam Garfield brought such an imprint and a critical word Thursday night - a practical word of encouragement and challenge.

​So.....some points from their word at the Deck:

We still have much to learn as to how God's training process works - how He will take us into a smaller circle first....before we can move effectively outward.

How our lives are like clay that God is molding - but not clay that is smooth and consistent since we all have issues: Like a potter who finds glass shards and nails hidden beneath.

God's work reveals that stuff in us but we find it in others also as we are used to form them.

The fight for the next generation is not an easy one but it is a promising one.

They need those who will be determined to stay in the fight day in and day out; year in and year out.

God has told us that He will restore that which the locust has consumed but we have OUR PART to play in restoration.

Watch the full word - let the encouragement and instruction wash over you: Let the imprint take.

Be changed so you can help to bring the change.

(If you wish to contact Bill Garfield directly, feel free to email him at:


3 minute Truth Shot, click here.

Full teaching, click here.

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