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New Month: Judge rightly, be cunning, watch for narcissism

​We're in a bridge time - crossing over with increasing light.

With more light, more things come to light and we must therefore decide our response.

(3 min. quick vid right here to stir your thinking.)

This is a month when the divine order is set before us and things and people are judged.

That doesn't mean condemned - it means measured against the standard.

Dan is the tribe linked to this new month that starts sundown Saturday.

They're a tribe with remarkable prophetic words and giftings; Powerful capabilities and an assignment for warfare. (Ala Samson)


They are ruled by their passions and distractions and idolatry of various kinds are their constant failings.


​Go back to how it started: Narcissism was the trigger that led to Dan's birth and from a matriarch of the faith.

Dan is planned and named basically because it's 'all about Rachel.'

So in this 'bridge' time - the 10th month - watch for these dynamics...

  • A month to discern how things stand compared to the divine standard.

  • A time to rightly look at ourselves and how we're walking.

  • A month for promotions in honor (where honor is due.)

  • A month to watch, wait and strike at the heel of the enemy.

  • A month to spring forward like the lion cub.

  • A month when narcissism is exposed in ourselves and in others.

  • A month to confront anything that 'is all about me,' and deal with anything that's come from that.

Wood, hay and stubble or precious gems. What's our building stock?

As we're crossing into a new month and calendar year, deal with the 'stuff' in you so God can set you where you will be most effectively deployed for Kingdom. (See 1 Cor. 11: 31-32)


3 min. short vid to get you thinking, click here.

Full teaching, click here.

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