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You CAN'T ACCESS this greater Grace...

...unless you allow your worship to shift.

New season - God is moving. Stay where you are (stuck) or move with Him. How?

Thursday night at The Deck Jimmie Black was here to facilitate a new kind of transaction with the Father in worship.

Click here to taste and hear the connection to moving in the grace beyond grace and to ignite your heart for more.

The Tribe of Judah always went first when Israel moved out to war and when Israel gathered around the Presence of the Holy.

Judah means 'praise.'

As Judah went first so the very first Deck of 2016 was dedicated to worship.

What came out of that time was that we were all 'tenderized and marinated' in the Presence of the Holy. We were exposed and open.

God was clearly after some deeper issues that need healing. What about you?

Watch the replay - the 2nd part will be uploaded shortly.

Allow God to rework your deep wiring. Receive a grace BEYOND grace.


PS: Next week at The Deck - New Month Briefing: Align in the Chaos

For more about Jimmie: Click here.

Also this month:

  • Bill and Pam Garfield host a warfare session for your children - Jan. 17. Call 229-333-0667 for details.

  • Mayor John Gayle - Shares his heart and vision for the City.


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