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FRESH start this year? Dangers?

If we don't close off the old then the new...isn't.

It's just a revision and the tension works like a rubber band stretched: Pressure increases until it snaps back.

The Deck Word this week was not really a lesson but a Divine Transaction.

Watch this brief excerpt. (Click here - under 2 minutes.)

If it speaks, then MAKE THE TIME to watch the whole transaction and DO what we did.

Included in this word:

  • The 5 kinds of grace found in 'grace beyond grace' (John 1:16) and how we need them.

  • Why this is a year for that level of grace BEYOND grace and what keeps us held back.

  • The danger of delusional 'prophesy' and how that can turn us away from God.

  • Trusting God when we cannot trace His hand.

Don't waste the time you're given: Invest it well.

To Life!


2 minute clip: here.

The full transaction is here.


  • At The Deck this week we welcome special guest, Jimmie Black!!! You will not want to miss this.

  • A Circle of Circles Gathering will also happen on Friday Night at 6:30 at The Rainwater Conference Center: "How Worship is Shifting."

A Panel Presentation with Josh Turner, Eileen Freeman and Jimmie Black. Worship with Jimmie Black to follow the presentation.

Facebook page for A Circle of Circles: Click here.

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