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5784 Access: The Key of David!

We cross into the new Hebraic year 5784 next week - do you have your access key?

Last night prophet Penny Gibbs had us focus on the life of David as key for us to advance in the new year.

David was such a holy and, well... hot mess.

Yet his heart to seek the face of God, his passion for worship, his willingness to war, and his quickness to repent, all stand as models for us to follow.

We have always held that worship and warfare are like two sides of the same coin: Inseparable if they are rightly engaged.

With David as our example, we must renew the clarity of how to move in this dynamic for the new year.

Watch the replay and allow the imprint of the Spirit to prepare you for what's just around the corner.

This calendar shows you the layout of the next 4 weeks.

These are pivotal divine transactions to help us to move fully into the new year.

There will be no Flight Deck next week as we will be in Dallas at the Head of the Year conference at Glory of Zion.

We encourage you to use next Thursday evening to stream that. (And as much of that conference as possible.)

5784 is going to be a momentous year: Your access key awaits you.

Find it. Understand it. Use it.

The Kingdom is advancing and you have a 'key' role to play.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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