Cut the crap? Sort of...Allow God to cut it off and roll back the 'reproach of Egypt'

Let's cut to the chase. This new month we're entering is linked with new beginnings. Sound good? It is. But there's a process: Allow God to ID areas, then come in, cut, and roll off the reproach. THEN comes healing,renewal and then a new beginning. We see this in Joshua 5. Following an earned 40 year death march, Israel 2.0 finally crossed into the Promise - but first things first. They had to submit to the 'kindest cut' and let God roll back the reproach of Egypt. Painful. Yup. Embarrassing? Doubtless. Necessary? Absolutely. Same dynamic in Judges 6: Before Gideon can see the sword of the Lord move and clear the enemy in front of him he's got to see the sword deal with the presence of the

It's not a matter of whether God is on my side or not...

​We had an amazing and full evening at The Deck on Wednesday night. Dr. Selwyn Stevens spoke. A world expert in breaking off the power of curses in people and family lines. Specifically, he focused upon freemasonry and how the oaths for each level enact curses upon those who say them and their families for generations. But beyond our own freedom is that of the region in which we live. Watch the replay. Not short but deep. It may well raise questions that you'll need to take to God. It is for freedom that Christ has set you free... (Gal. 5:1) Your increasing level of freedom is released so that you, in turn, may fight for the freedom of others. Selwyn showed this slide, quoting Abraham Lin

Oh, grow up! Time to adjust our vision or miss Reality

Only by God do we discern the dysfunctional dynamics salting and assaulting the atmosphere around us. Retain the 'old lenses' of how things would be or should be and we'll mis-take reality for Reality and lack the alignment and clarity we need to act in this time. In other words, we'll be shocked when we should 'shalomed.' (Yeah...made up that word but the truth stands: Jesus was 'shalomed' - in wholeness and unshaken - even while taking a whip to the temple or a whip on his temple.) ​​This IS a year of the 'ruling sword.' But we need God's take on that or we'll misunderstand and mishandle our response. Absent that, many will recoil in fear and flee, or run to rage then resignation. You feel

Don't stop now! Complete the process and step through the veil

Today (Sunday) at sundown we move into God's seventh month - a month of completion - the culmination of a year long process that He's been moving us through. It's also a month linked to new starts and doubled blessings so take heart and courage. ​ God calls the first day of this 'Trumpets.' Think of hearing a loud siren behind you as you drive. Your focus suddenly shifts off your own agenda and onto Another's. You shift your speed, location, direction and timing to recognize this Authority. It jolts you to become aware. So with Trumpets: It's a kick off and set up to these final stages of moving in closer and closer. Listen for that sound and let it 'catch' your focus. It's followed by 10

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