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Cut the crap? Sort of...Allow God to cut it off and roll back the 'reproach of Egypt'

Let's cut to the chase.

This new month we're entering is linked with new beginnings. Sound good? It is.

But there's a process: Allow God to ID areas, then come in, cut, and roll off the reproach.

THEN comes healing,renewal and then a new beginning. We see this in Joshua 5.

Following an earned 40 year death march, Israel 2.0 finally crossed into the Promise - but first things first.

They had to submit to the 'kindest cut' and let God roll back the reproach of Egypt.

  • Painful. Yup.

  • Embarrassing? Doubtless.

  • Necessary? Absolutely.

Same dynamic in Judges 6: Before Gideon can see the sword of the Lord move and clear the enemy in front of him he's got to see the sword deal with the presence of the enemy behind him.

The cut comes against the reproach located at the family altar in the backyard: Cut and roll. Cut and roll.

The 'kindest cut' removes the presence of idolatry and the stigma of mistrust in God off family land and line.

​Never too late for new beginnings: Abraham was 99 when he was circumcised. Yowza.

No matter how old you are 'in the Lord' there's always more He has for you.

Be alert as God shows you how the 'reproach of Egypt' has rolled up on you, on us as the church and on the nation.

Agree with His correction despite how it hurt your pride or prestige.

You really wanna be free or just look good while remaining in some kind of 'brand name' bondage?

BTW - part of the reproach dealt with in Josh 5 was what had arisen against God's reputation: His Street Cred.

Israel did not trust Him to move them into the land so for 40 years His intent was delayed.

You think word didn't get back to Egypt that the God of Israel just couldn't get them home?

Do we own that also? Sully His reputation when we proclaim His word is true yet dig in our heels when it's time to face off the giants?


Time to check: What are the places where the 'kindest cut' needs to come into your life, the church and the nation so God can roll back the reproach of Egypt?

His desire is for a new beginning. Do we want the renewal to step into the new?

Watch the issue of reproach this month: How it is at work and how it arises. Be careful not to come into agreement with it against yourself or anyone or anything else.

Instead - Receive the 'kindest of cuts' and walk into a new beginning.


REMEMBER that at The NEXT Deck -

Mayor John Gayle will be here to share and the timing is critical SO THAT WE PRAY TOGETHER FOR THE ELECTION.

BTW - If you can't make time to watch the whole replay - please fast forward to where Kim takes you through the section to break off a spirit of Shame. (45 min. mark.)

You'll need that tool so you can see what you have not been able to see in operation within you.

See the full replay of The Deck, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost has all the Deck replays.

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