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Five things to watch this month: Time to prepare for what's NEXT ARE you doing with all that's changing?

Are you ready for what's next?

Click here for your quick 3 minute vid Truth-Shot

Based on God's time stamps of certain passages of scripture, there are 5 things I'd encourage you to watch for NOW.

  1. Watch for stepping stones to guide you: Find them, Stand, Look, See, Seek, Act, Adjust.

  2. Watch for His Presence being with you as you move: HE will give you rest.

  3. Dare to make a claim upon His Glory: We are to be distinguished from the clutter and clamor

  4. Return to (your) Sender: It's a time to give thought and repent and return. Prepare for what is next.

  5. His Glory will manifest as HE WANTS – not as we think it should.

There's so much emotion pounding out there....easy to get swept off and swept under.

But God has 'milestones' in place on which to stand....balance....breathe.

Get your bearings.

Look. See. Act. Adjust.

Watch the current but don't get caught up in it.

​Catch the full teaching here so these have context and application.

​Time to give careful thought to your ways.

Confront brutal facts but don't lose hope.

If we prioritize our own comfort before His pleasure and honor - we're in danger.

Return in this time - set things aright.

He's present, persistent and particularly passionate to be with you again.

(He IS a jealous God, after all.)

Soak in the verses below - see what the Spirit says to YOU for these times.

Facebook page here.

3 minute Shot vid here.

Full teaching - click here.


Ex. 33:12 -34:14

Neh. 6:15-16

Eze. 8:1-4

Haggai 1:1-15

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