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Are you in passionless relationship...with God?

Jehovah-Sneaky keeps making things interesting.

But we're trying to keep up.

Here's your 3 minute 'Truth Shot' video to get the latest (in brief and in part.)

It will touch on 1 of the 5 reasons why you NEED jealousy moving in your life right now.

This is not something that I would have chosen to teach about.

But God...

Have you sensed this?

That we're in a time when the way things were - just won't get us through to way things will be?

Jehovah-Jealous is making Himself known.

Passion has to move from non-essential to non-negotiable.

You don't need to be a loon but you do need to be core-connected.

Text this morning from a strong woman of God:

"...that was one of the most POWERFUL lessons you brought forth through the HOLY SPIRIT!"

See what she's talking about: Click and watch the full teaching. See if you agree.

Let something sink in and then sync in.

The King is in the field and He's got something He wants you to know.

Allow Jehovah-Sneaky to pull back the veil.


YouTube Channel here

Facebook Page here.

Short vid here.

Full teaching here.

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