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Time to expose this dirty little secret

We're in a time to expose the lies in our midst so that others will be free.

To rip apart strongholds of denial and whitewash and create a context where grace and truth are forever and always actively engaged.

(3 minute summary video here.)

Clearly it's no secret that there are millions of women (and men) who have walked through the trauma and turmoil of abortion.

Likewise it's no secret that most feel too ashamed to admit it and find healing.

So what's the dirty secret?

That many, many...many of these are in sitting in the pews right next to you.

Faithful, loyal, sincere...afraid and hiding.

Broken and bleeding in silence and solitude.

Why in hiding?

There is a gravity that can generate when we gather - religious expectations and pressures arise: Appearances supported - unspoken rules enforced.

So a people and place called to candor and healing accidentally foster an atmosphere of deception and suppression.

Shannon brought this to light by her story and heart so we could glimpse the depth of this secret.

She showed how these 'events' are not casual momentary attacks but linked to a root structure created and fostered for years.

There is a moment when the enemy pounces....but a lifetime while he gnaws.

But God....

Shannon's deep wounding has become her mission and her mission aligns with our hearts: FREEDOM!

To reach into the Body of Jesus with the word that 'you're not alone - you're not the only one.'

The dirty secret remains in most places but it's time to pull back the veil and open the discussion.

Who are the women (and men) that you know who are carrying the collateral damage of abortion?

Will the enemy succeed in using gathered believers to keep that wounding in place or will we fight to see that LIFE is present in LIGHT?

Watch the full teaching: Ask God for direction. Start the conversation - expose the lie.

(You can email Shannon for more about her ministry by clicking here or use this directly -

3 minute Truth-Shot here.

The full teaching (only 32 min) click here.

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