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I am fighting to get a freight train of insight into nice bite-sized pieces.

Last night, I failed.

I couldn't get it all wrapped up into a quick package for your microwave.

In fact, it took a bit over an hour and that massively bugs me.

(Short new 3 minute vid to get you thinking and to forward to others click here.)

I KNOW how precious your time is.

I KNOW you suffer from information overload.

I KNOW that I'm far too direct, outspoken and even irreverent for most.


.....when we were all done last night, many had tears. Why?

God had moved on hearts.

(Not sure why I'm amazed when that happens - maybe because I was involved...?)

Here's some of what we covered and some of what you'll learn: (Full teaching, click here.)

  • What God wants you to know, feel and do in this TIME now and how it will be key to your entire year.

  • Why you must pay attention to what happened on the Day of Atonement - both then and now.

  • How God has pointed to the Pope's visit to Washington and actions we took on The Day.

  • Why most believers never get past the idea of 'I'm saved. Great. Now I can get on with the rest of my life.'

  • Why most of the church is living dangerously because we have lost contact with the idea of atonement.

  • How the enemy is working to keep you from getting deeper into the fullness of God.

  • How your fig leafs, hiding and blaming are keeping you from what God wants for you.

There's more....Yeah, I know - it's a lot.

The buffet is open. Come and dine.

It's hot now - don't let it go cold in front of you.

We are in an AMAZING time for those willing to risk entrance into the most holy place.

All are invited: Few will enter.


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Short new video here. (This is not an excerpt but a stand alone 3 min vid to encourage and challenge you.)

Get the full teaching, click here.

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