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On fire or burnt out? Weary soil and warring for the Bride

Q: Is there an area of your life where the soil is 'tired?'

God set a regular time of 'rest' for the land in Israel so it would not 'burn out.'

How about us?

Elijah shows us this dynamic at work in his own life. There's lots of humor and practicality in how God dealt with him in the quick shift from 'on fire' to 'burned out.'

Elijah had confronted the people of God (read 'the church') at Mt. Carmel and great things seemed to be moving. But in the face of a personal threat, he crashes and burns

Yup, I get that. Frustration. A feeling that things haven't really shifted despite the victories.

His heart was to turn Israel - God's bride - back to God.

Fast forward to now: The Bride of Christ is meant to be magnificent, stunning, compelling, compassionate, strong, smart, engaging, and ready to fight the for the right things.

She is to be able to laugh at herself, dance, wrestle, sweat and smile - all at the same time. And then to press forward into any dark corner of hell - to bandage the broken, break off reproach and set people free.

Do we get just how ALIVE she is meant to be? Will people respond to her as they did to Jesus: Tearing the roofs off of buildings just to be near her?

The Bride is called to reflect the totality of Jesus - not just ares where she feels 'comfortable.'

All too often we/she is mired and attired in attitudes and actions that, while well intended, create her own bondage and diminish the reflection of the glory of the King.

Our assignment here is to try and walk in ALL the fullness of who she is destined to be and to help all of the Bride to do the same.

But frustration arises because this is often a fight to help those who don't perceive or discern that any help is needed. Argh!!!

This is the rub for me personally and where I fail: When I let the burden of the mission overshadow my joy - When the frustration of the fight has eclipsed my rest in Him.

It's the Elijah syndrome and it can hit all those who move prophetically and with passion.

It's deadly.

But it can be overcome.

We know that God is actively using this band of boldly broken believers to shift the Bride so she is prepared for what is next.

But sometimes it feels like pushing rope up a hill.

God graciously meets us both when we're on fire AND when we are burnt out. He's gentle and patient; He's tough and direct. a 'soil' check. There may be an area that needs to rest.

Then do a heart check: Our mission cannot be our God.

Stay dangerous.


Full teaching is not long. Click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays

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