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The Presence War over you

​(Quick 2 minute vid here to tease up your thoughts as to who you are.)

There's a war being fought over your turf....

your mind, your heart, your body, your spirit.

It's a Presence War: Will the Presence of God be clearly present in you?

​It really doesn't matter if you're half full or half empty: Just that there is more room.

Who or what will fill the space?

The consequences of your ongoing decision are great because there is a Presence War for the territory around you as well.

This is how God brings divine order into the earth realm.

​​You're reading this because (for some crazy reason) you've decided to align with a small band of believers who are convinced that the Presence of God in us

makes a difference for all the people and things around us.

We imprint for the Kingdom as we go because He is imprinted upon us.

The more we align in Him in that Truth, the more that He will actively use us to impact the environment around us.

This isn't about us but it involves us and does work for our ultimate joy.(Though at times - it be rough.)

Watch the 2 minute vid to be reminded of what you carry.

Forward it on to another who needs that word.

Receive afresh His imprint on you. Find the place and make the time to open all of you to all of Him.

Then go and be radioactive. IMPRINT The Presence as you go.


2 minute Truth Shot, here.

Full replay, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of replays

BTW - I watched this short vid on a police officer who works Skid Row for 18 years. Tell me you can't see the Spirit in and through and around this guy? God is at work through him.)

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