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Don't Be Hobbled by Wounds and Lies

You have a hunger to be deeply connected to God. To be fully deployed in the work of Kingdom. To reflect His glory in all that you are and do. And yet, all too often we are remarkably dysfunctional warriors - hobbled by the lies and wounds of the enemy. Rather than allow the Lord to identify and attend to those, we push ahead thinking it won't change. We place armor over gaping wounds so that much of the blood on the battlefield is unnecessary - sourced not from the fight but from the flight from His process for wholeness.

Last night at The Deck, Debbie Vizcarrondo of Restoration and Freedom Ministries shared her story and the process of restoration. Her physical ailments peeled back, layer upon layer, as the Holy Spirit revealed the lies and wounds beneath them all and healed them.

What about you? What's nipping at your heels and holding you back? Feel the tenderness and the power of her story. Hear the truth in the word released. Let the Spirit identify where the wounds and lies in you are still unaddressed. Then walk the process into the fullness of restoration and freedom. Time for those hobbled areas to be made whole. Time for the bleeding to stop. Stephen Click here for replay of this teaching.

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