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'All David Needed Was a Rock'

This month is linked to the end of some things and the beginning of others.

That order is important.

For we must allow the old to die in order to access the open doorways to our inheritance.

But are we paying attention?

For there is a blur of distraction - a blur of war - for our attention.

Heads up! Attend carefully to what the Spirit is showing and saying now.

Last night Penny Gibbs took us through a series of prophetic triggers and the downloads that followed.

These are important markers to help us align in this particular time with the movement of God in the earth.

Make note: This IS a pivotal moment in history and how we as individuals, a Body, and a Nation respond to God sets a trajectory for the future.

But do not be overwhelmed nor afraid to walk out what He's given you.


'All David needed was a rock.'

God had appointed that means to undo the giant standing before David.

His part was simply to run and release what God had anointed and history would change.

As the Lord spoke this to Penny:

'Take the limitations off Me.

Take the limitations off yourself for I alone establish your boundaries...

Do not fight against me but surrender fully to my will.'

Much more on the replay.

Watch. Pray.

Allow Him to show you your 'rock' so you'll be ready to release it.


Replay of this Deck word is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.

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