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Seven Directives You Need for The Battle

Many of us get wrapped around the axles of the battles before us.

Too often we fight the wrong enemy on the wrong field at the wrong time.

Because our perspective and positioning are off, we do not engage in the right way with the right weapons.

Last night we walked through seven directives for the battlefield. Each directive challenges us to stop, ask, listen, and then act.

These directives function as a whole and, as such, are interactive as they help define, form, and inform the others: We need all seven.

One snippet from last night: Pick a single battle you’re in and then ponder this question.

Is this God’s battle and I’m joining with Him or is this my battle and I’m trying to get Him involved?

Watch the replay. Get some clarity. Work the directives.

We’re in a month when He teaches, trains, tests, and transitions our warfare.

Attend to His training now for the battles are multiplying.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Full replay of this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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