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The Firebrand Anointing

Most think Levitical priests as rather religious, removed, and nonviolent: Better suited to intellectual debate than full frontal engagement in battle.

And while many in the church may know that we are to be a 'kingdom of priests,' far too many today take on that presumed 'Levitical posture.'

Yet Phineas did not fit that stereotype. (Num 25)

He was the first 'priest anointed for war' and demonstrated the kind of zeal that is ready, willing, and able to face off the danger and delusion of the people of God.

The Lord declares over him that it was His Zeal in him and Phin's action stops the plague, atones for sin, and garners a covenant of Shalom for generations to come.

God is releasing that 'Firebrand Anointing' to shake loose the timidity, torpor, and compromise that lays over many like a dense and falsely comforting fog.

There is no fog for Phineas and we need this anointing for the battle ahead.

Scared of walking in that? Think it was just a 'one-off' kind of thing in scripture and you'd be more comfortable as the more 'passive' kind of priest?

Think again: Jesus was unequivocal about the dangerous dynamic of the Kingdom. (Matt 10 & 11.)

And as we walked through last night, the tribe of Levi was readily engaged in the battle - be it physical or spiritual.

It was why they were promoted into the priesthood and why God gave them oversight of the cities of refuge spread across Israel.

It's time for the Body to move in that full anointing as firebrands.

For just as with Israel and Phineas, there is far more at stake than we realize.


PS: No Flight Decks in July. Sabbatical break for everyone.

Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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