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We MUST Be Packing This Weapon

I love how creative God is when He communicates.

When in a vision of the armory, He showed a rubber ducky to Penny Gibbs, it caught her completely by surprise.

What is that doing there?!?!

But then He downloaded how critical uncontainable joy and perfect peace are as weapons that must be carried and deployed for this season.

He expounded that there was a 3-fold cord of fresh fire, new glory, and overcoming joy that were necessary.

Last night at The Deck, the Spirit was all over the time of worship and the Word. Powerful!

Penny was on fire with this word and it is spot on for this intense season of battle.

Make the time. Watch the replay. Discern how to lay hold and deploy this weapon.

The joy and playfulness of God may simply seem like a perk - an upside to being in and with Him.

But make no mistake, it is a critical part of the armory.

YOUR armory.

You packing? You bet!

You're armed and dangerous for good.


Replay of this Deck teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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