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Wait, worry, and wondering - when time is TNT

How would it feel to always be the second banana? Forever number 2, constantly in the shadow of your big brother, Moses - 'The Man.'

You know, the one who actually talks to God....face-to-face?

How do you compete with that?

And now, now Moses is MIA. Maybe toast. Up in the fire; maybe up in smoke

Week 1. Week 2...3...4...5....?

'How long, O Lord?'

40 days and nights is a grinder. The incessant demands and expectations of millions of fretful men and women take their toll.

Aaron does what I would do: He leads by returning to what he knew.

Waiting has worn him; the pressure prevails.

In the face of apparent abandonment and delay - the vacuum of time compels him forward. There is, after all, a dire need of leadership of these lost souls in the middle of nowhere.

How are we to manage the increasing pressure to conform in a climate of instant answers and lightning responses - an age of all things Google?

'When God is late and you can't wait' is the dynamic we feel. It's our subjective experience in desperate need of an objective perspective.

​'But wait: God's never late!'

Yeah, yeah....I know the phrase. I get the theology.

But waiting is wearing.

I have to move beyond what I tell myself to know it in my bones.

God has us on a path to 'ruthless trust:' His heart and our hearts connected more deeply than ever before.

When was the last time someone approached you in a store and asked you to explain why you're so different...peaceful...joyful....ALIVE?

No? Maybe because we're just....not.

That's changing: The way of deep trust is before us.

This month - the month when Aaron caved and the calf came, is a word in time for us. How will we trust when time is a TNT trigger?

Aaron in the pressure: Moses in the Presence.

This isn't about geography. It is about the air we breathe.

Can we engage the Presence in the pressure.

Elijah at Carmel, Stephen while stoned: These demonstrate the path of ruthless trust in the face of the foe. Presence in pressure.

In this 4th biblical month be mindful of two doors ever before you: Trust...or not.

Be brutally honest. Jesus meets us at failure with forgiveness as we own the mess but look to Him.

Access the Presence in the midst of the pressure. Find that air to breath and you will.


Full replay of the last Deck, click here.

Click here for YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of Deck replays.

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