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'Burning grace' or furiously flapping?

​This revelation has become a foundational word for me.

How strange that God would show how grace is present and activated in the burning process of a jet engine?

Jehovah Sneaky strikes again.

He reveals that the ongoing injection of His grace into the pressurized chamber of our lives explodes and ignites to propel us upward and forward.

There is thrust through trust.

​Don't get overwhelmed at the graphic - It breaks down to simple parts in the teaching. (Go to 11 min. mark if you want to skip ahead.)

Bottom line is this: Grace MUST be burned.

Not consumed - not destroyed - not preserved - not hoarded for a rainy day.

Not really even 'understood.' Like fuel, it simply needs be burned.

Ignited deep within you - mixed with the compressed gusts of daily life that come at you and through you in increasing speed and volume.

Grace must also be burned for more of it to flow. There is a process.

It moves me - flows through me - makes me bold.

And sets me free from fear of man and the Christian compulsion to appear spiritual.

This 'engine' is deep within you and it was designed to burn grace in the combustion chamber of your heart.

God gave you a throttle so you could soar - not furiously flap your wings.

A 747 burns 2 1/2 tons of fuel taking off. It gulps voraciously.

The pilots are not worried about running out. (It can carry over 190 tons of fuel.)

This is not so much about effort as choice: A decision to trust the 'fuel' and the system that was designed by the Creator to get you whole and moving.

It's a reasonable resolve to thrust the throttle forward and embrace the life that sits waiting before you.

May there come a day when it is said of you, 'Ya know, that person burned grace like a 747 burns fuel on takeoff.'

I'm still not sure all of what that means, but my deep heart cries out, 'Oh, yes, dear Lord: Please let it be so in me.'


Full replay at the start, click here. (You'll also hear why my dog and I are in a similar state. Whoof!)

Click here for the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost and the full set of Deck video replays.

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