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Go. Bring. Build: Don't miss the manifestation of the mandate

Hey! The replay is up from The Deck so you can get the download (or review it) from last night.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but...

It is ALWAYS amazes me how God takes a Word spoken thousands of years ago and then slaps it down with such clarity and force here and now so that I have to stand back and go,

'Yikes and yowza!'

The 'living and active' word demonstrates how He is moving His Kingdom forward today and He says,

'So....Wanna play in My sandbox?'

Listen and hear what the Spirit is saying to you, the church, today:

  • Look again at any 'drought' operating against you and stop auto-blaming the enemy or warfare or life or bad luck. (Maybe He's involved?)

  • Shift your understanding of "His house" vs. your house (this was a depth charge for me) so you know how to respond to His directive.

  • The 'go, bring, and build' mandate requires a new paradigm so we know what He wants to build, where we are to go and what we are to bring.

  • Grab hold of the encouraging cycle that is activated when we respond and see how it operates like a flywheel! Momentum builds.

​'We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.' (Thank God!) Stop acting in a bygone way for a bygone day.

God is shifting, shifting, shifting us to focus upon the actualization of 'His House' in the earth today.

You gotta love this bottom line: We bring delight and glory to God as we walk this out. How cool is that?

There's the deep motivation - there's the deep reward - there's the heart He wants behind all our obedience, our failures, our recovery and resets.


Full replay of The Deck, click here.

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