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Cut through or get tossed: Victor or victim?

Kim Johnson released a great and timely word at The Deck last night - particularly given the wild 'family/friends/expectations' lottery that we call 'the holidays.'

For some of you who have walked with us for a season or two, this may be a timely review but with new insights.

For others it can shift your world around.

Too many of us who are 'supposed' to be genuinely free are actually at the mercy of the latest ploy of the enemy.

And he knows it.

But do you?

We have, often in ignorance or rebellion, given him access and buttons: He needs simply push the right place at the right time and WHAMO!

The place and work that Kim will call you into has strong personal upsides: Greater peace, reduced stress and anxiety. (Isn't there always?)

You have particular assignments from the King - connections, relationships, and tasks that are uniquely tailored and provided just for you.

In addressing the issues and walking in greater freedom you will then engage the joy of those assignments well and manifest the glory He has set before you.

You do want that, yes?

Watch, learn, pray, and walk it out. Not sure how? Let us know - we can help.

Then perhaps forward the replay onto the dozen or so you know really need it as well.

Don't just enjoy new freedom - spread it!

To Life!


Full replay of The Deck, click here.

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays.

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