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The necessity of TWO crossings...

Most believers grasp that getting out of Egypt via the Passover lamb and crossing the Red Sea stand as a 'type' for what Jesus has accomplished.

We experience that as we receive the full work of the blood of the Lamb and are baptized into freedom.

Yet most believers are clueless how this connects and demands a second crossing of a 'different water.'

One God required of Israel: One that is required of us.

Crossing the Jordan is not the same as crossing the Red Sea. The differences are greater than the similarities of these two life-altering events.

But God connects them both to THIS SAME MONTH RIGHT NOW so we do not miss the full journey - nor the full demand and work of the cross.

Do you know the differences in these two 'types' of crossings? (Watch the replay or do some research on your own.)

The first you get when you trusted in Christ for your salvation and were baptized.

Yet the 'Jordan' remains as a question for many. Without the second crossing they remain in a 'wilderness' state.

But consider,

  • Why Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river and not the sea.

  • Crossing the Jordan required the Ark and wet feet, where the Sea did not.

  • 12 stones were taken and 12 placed in the Jordan while none were taken from the Sea.

This is not some nuanced, academic theology - it's practical and critical to understand our faith.

We, just like Israel, have so many who have been brought 'out of Egypt' but never crossed over the Jordan.

But God links these forever in His word by specific 'time stamps' so that we do not miss the connection. (Yet largely, we have.)

Time to get the fullness of this month in God's calendar.

Time to embrace the full work that the Lamb has provided.

Time to cross your Jordan.


Watch the replay from the Deck, click here.

(While you're there, subscribe to the channel and you'll get auto updates when a new vid is posted.)

Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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