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"My people live in the shallows, but I want them in the deep."

The enemy is determined that you stay in shallow waters.

To keep you operating on the surface rather than in the depths.

And not just in one area of life - all of it.

God wants us in the deep.

Take Peter - Luke 4 and 5.

He witnessed the full authority of Jesus' teaching, saw people healed and heard and saw demons dispatched at his own front door.

Jesus even healed his mother-in-law. (Was that a favor?)

But Pete doesn't shift.

Maybe he was thinking...

'Yeah, well, He's some kind of healer, I'll grant you that.'

'But business is business and fishing is...well...far beyond the control of some well intended Rabbi, no matter how gifted in healing people.'

Still he humors Jesus' request and heads back out to the fish-less place he had worked all night.

One act of obedience; one statement of 'Nevertheless...'

Sometimes breakthrough in deep water is at the bottom - the bottom line.

In this case, Peter's bottom line: Fish! Cash flow!

Nets start tearing and boats start sinking and Peter's deep water meets Jesus' deep heart.

NOW He has Peter's attention.

​What will it take to get yours?

Where is the deep water place you worked all night with nothing to show?

Are you willing to go back 'nevertheless' at His word?

When was your last time in the deep with God?

Too busy and distracted in the shallows to make your way there?

​Is there a deep you're avoiding because last time you failed?

Or maybe, you feel, that He failed you?

Yesterday morning, I heard Him say to me,

"There is no great harvest of anything in the shallows. It is always and only in the deep that you will find that which you need."

"I did not go deep into the heart of the earth so that you could live on the surface of life."

God is calling us to launch into the deep.

What, where and how will differ for each.

But the call remains.

Listen, respond and watch what happens next.

(Much more on the replay.)


Full replay, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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