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Upgrade into God's New Release of 'Windows'

​This Tuesday marks 500 years since the igniting of a small but powerful fuse that became a great fire.

That fire is still burning, despite opposition....even from the early caretakers of the flame.

The Re-formation helped get the followers of Jesus realigned with His Word and reestablished direct access to Him by every believer.

It also restored the early church understanding of the 'visible v. invisible (or hidden) church.'

But like many corrections, it wasn't enough and aspects were soon perverted by power, politics and issues of control.

Basically, hell's push back, hijack and attack.

But God's strategy would involve yet another 'R' - Restoration. He's been actively restoring all that is outlined in the book of Acts - bringing them back to those willing to receive.

Restoration thereby builds on the righteous parts of the Reformation.

Yet there's more for God proclaims,

'Behold! I do a NEW thing.....Do you not see it?'

Like the latest Release of Windows or the newest version of an Apple operating system, God updates the Release so it incorporates all core advances made but also engages the ever changing culture.

We thereby embrace those things rightly Reformed and engage the Restoration of all that the early church experienced, and now we advance by the New Release He's made available.

Ah...but there's the rub:

Many of us respond to God's New Release like we face a change to the operating system of our computer.

That new fangled upgrade sounds appealing and desirable BUT we have so much comfort and confidence in the old system that we fear we won't be able to move in the new.

Actually, that's understandable and okay.....really.

This isn't for everyone. Many need to stay in what they're doing and how they're doing it.

But there are those who can no longer endure the status quo; Those compelled to move forward in this new release.

These will align in the riverbanks of Reform, in the totality of Restoration, and break forth with freedom in Release 7.3.1.

New Release models are rising; the fire continues to burn.

Here we stand, God help us. We can do no other.


See the full replay, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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