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Kingdom seeds and your 'pregnant pauses'

So let me try a quick capture of part of last night...

THE Sower is STILL releasing Kingdom Seeds to His followers.

Kingdom is more than salvation alone - it's how WE manifest the Kingdom in and through us. (Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done.)

When these Seeds go out, our hearts contain all four of the soils Jesus referenced in Mt. 13.

​The Seeds He releases NOW for the new and the Word Seeds you've received before have all landed in one of those soils of your heart, AND....

Even if a specific Kingdom Seed did root in you, there will still be 'pregnant pauses' when you decide to keep going IN THAT AREA or it gets aborted.

This is a timely word RIGHT NOW because...​

This is the month when the angel Gabriel came with a Kingdom Seed of good news to Mary. (Lk 1.)

This is the month when Nehemiah's brother came with a Kingdom Seed of bad news Nehemiah. (Neh. 1)

BOTH were occasions when God released Kingdom Seed and both people had a choice to take it in and let it change them or to blow it off and refuse delivery.

SO WHAT?!?!?

What has God set in you as Seed and how are you managing that 'pregnancy' as it manifests in and through you?

What bold, new, or even audacious Seed does He want to plant in you and are you willing to step up and agree to it?

Or did you think that was just for His 'special' ones?

(BTW....even if that Seed has come to full harvest - it's not yours to hold. He wants to reap it and start with new Seed.)

Much, much more in the replay for those with an ear, and a desire, to hear.

Blessings and, as always, stay dangerous for good.


Replay of this Deck teaching, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available

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