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Aligning from Motley to Mighty

Last night at the Deck we walked through the biblical basis for apostolic alignment for anointing (i.e.,the 'juice') you need.

Alignment is not about control, building a massive institutional structure or a network.

IT IS ABOUT LIFE FLOWING THROUGH YOU and into those around you: Activating the glory DNA of each person.

Our spines need to be rightly aligned so that life can flow through our bodies. Same for The Body.

But for lack of life, many are fleeing older institutional structures - They are simply hungry for MORE and the 'same old track' just ain't getting it done.

But God... creating a kind of parallel track for these refugees while He continues to work with those that remain on the rails.

Note this: When David had to flee into the desert and hide in a cave, he didn't advertise, recruit, market or self-promote.

He wasn't rebelling or starting a revolution or rival kingdom.

He was driven out to that fringe....and at first, only the 'fringe' found him.

Those early aligners could not described as the 'best and the brightest' and bore little resemblance to whom they would become - 'David's Mighty Men.'

So why become their captain?

Because GOD SENT THEM and had a plan to change them as they aligned in the anointing on David.

The new alignments are like that. God is collecting and connecting the shattered and scattered shards of His people.

The hungry ARE gathering in 'wilderness' settings and 'caves' around the nation: It matters not where they came from or how they got there.

Like David's ragtag crew, we're aligned in the anointing for the new day and God will bring the transformation from motley to mighty.

God says, “I will transform the battered into a company of the elite.” (Micah 4 - The Message. Thank you, Shelley.)

Wherever you are in your life, however fragmented, scattered and hungry in your walk with Him - take heart.

You're reading this because you long for MORE.

You are NOT alone and will find what you seek because He honors that hunger and He will take you forward.

We're all on this journey together.


Replay from The Deck briefing, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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