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A month to turn and return as The King waits in your field

This is a GREAT new biblical month we're entering (sundown Saturday.)

In scripture it's called the month of Elul and it marks a turn and return following some very intense months.

Aren't you glad?!?! Relieved?

Every year God takes us on this pathway so He can deal with the next level of 'stuff' in us AND before us.

He goes deeper so He can take us higher.

And each year He moves forward and invites us to align with His work.

You'll want to watch the replay to get all the dots connected but for now let this wash over you:

It's time for the broken and fragmented parts of you to turn towards Home, to the King.

Your journey is short for He is near, very near, in this season.

The scriptures that are 'time stamped' by God for this month can be pretty intense but they have this common thread:

A new beginning with great promise awaits BUT...

He waits for you.

As you go you will find new strength in this time for it is linked to the tribe of Gad, with faces like lions and swift as gazelles.

So turn and return: His Glory beckons, your Hope calls.

The King stands in your field.


Please note: NO Flight Deck this Thur. Aug 16: Next Deck Aug. 23.

Prayer requests can be sent to our lead intercessor, Scottie at 301.848.2699

Counsel, encouragement and pastoral connect: Reach Jean at 229.300.4263

Full replay of The Flight Deck word, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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