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The Day of The Turn Around! Break the lock on the gate! You're on a mission of extraction!

Intense! Focused! The picture above captures what went down in the Spirit last night.

A night of powerful and profound intercession and impact! Pulling down barriers - calling the ungettable to be gotten - the hurt to be reached - the alienated from Jesus and His Bride to be healed and restored.

Yes, we recorded it: No, we cannot post it on replay. Sorry.

Why not? When there is this level of candid disclosure before the Lord, the crying out of names and situations, released into the atmosphere of the Presence and recorded in heaven, well, it's simply not something that we can put out on the net.

I was not able to be here last night due to mandatory meeting for continued access into the prison system.

But as I watched the replay this morning, I was deeply encouraged by the hearts and words, dreams, scriptures and prophetic revelation released with confidence, humility and transparency.

(Maybe I need to be gone more often....)

Let me just touch on 3 of the many words:

1. Christy declared a word that God spoke and then demonstrated to her in dramatic fashion so that this would be declared with conviction:

Today IS The Day of the Turn Around! No matter how long you fought, how often you prayed, His power is moving NOW.

2. Rebecca brought in a key in the spirit to unlock and then break off the lock on the gate that stands between us and the harvest.

To turn that key is to repent for where we have judged others as 'ungettable' and so failed to fight for their freedom and filling through Christ and His Spirit.

Turn the key and move into your assigned harvest sphere!

3. Joel released a dream he had that connected to this time: We are all on a military mission of search and rescue / search and save. A mission of extraction!

Engage YOUR assignment in the search and rescue!

There were many other key words and prayers released by Kay, Lorraine, Raphael, Mike, Teresa, Jackie, Patricia, Gaylene, Shelley, Scottie, June, Jean, Diane and Jeanie.

Thank you for standing to the microphone to release your declarations and impassioned cries to the Lord. These echo even now in the heavens and reverberate in the earth, breaking open the dry ground.

Special thanks to Jean for leading in worship and to Kim for her obedience to release the revelation God gave her and then aligning everyone last night in this critical evening.

Last week Chuck Pierce said:

'You can eat with whomever you want; You can't go to war with everyone.'

This is a group that can and does go to war and I'm glad that I'm with them.

Stephen Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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