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Are You Preparing the Way?

Most folks are simply too afraid to be out in the waves. Too powerful, too unpredictable, too overwhelming and, well, far too BIG. Yet for those with the courage and caliber, who choose to align in time to catch one....YOWZA!

The breakout Wave of the Spirit will always generate that kind of bifurcated response. Pity, that. We were never intended to be a people empowered by good intentions, good theology and good goals. Those are needful but they were never to be the source of the Power of the Body of Jesus.

'The Promise of the Father' is what Jesus called it. The 120 got it. The Samaritans got it. The house of Cornelius got it. The Ephesians got it. Yet today, many 'don't got it' and don't want it. Why? The 'way of His Wave' has been has been clouded, cluttered and mangled with mines and few there are that can clear that waterway.

Last night, Abigail Eldridge continued her series to demonstrate how that may be accomplished. Biblical, gracious, patient and persistent and always in Truth - these are a few of the words that describe her approach. Don't think this is your 'thing?' Two questions: 1. When the next big Wave of the Spirit hits, where will the real resistance occur? (Hint: Not in the world.)

2. Given that, what is our individual and corporate responsibility to help other's to embrace it when it comes? Preparing the way through a minefield isn't for wimps. John the Baptizer did it for Jesus. How are we to do so for the Wave? Watch and see. Stephen Full replay of this teaching, click here.

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