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Wrapped around the Power but not plugged in?

It's easy to become a bit 'seared' so that we read scriptures without allowing them full command over how we move. Easy to be wrapped around the Truth and have all the knowledge but not be plugged into the Power that is both mandatory and necessary.

Abigail did a great job last night bringing us back to the biblical anchor points of just how 'unsubtle' God was about demonstrating that the Spirit had landed. That He is likewise uncompromising on the requirement that we plug into the Power He provides (and to do so on a regular basis.)

So easy to get a gift, use it for a season, and then shelve it. This cannot be our pattern given the directives of scripture and the demands of the times.

Your prayer language was never given for your amusement or just to get you started. The need for God-directed prayer is definitive: Our reticence to use the gift is defiance.

Paul got the need to stay connected deeply by the Spirit. He got the need to move in this in love. And look what God accomplished through him.

Even if there was not a command to pray at all times in the Spirit, there is this simple necessity: We are overwhelmed. The velocity of change and the chaos of culture can leave us baffled and befuddled and clueless as how to pray. 'In the Spirit,' is the way in which we can fully align with the plan of the Father while our hearts and minds stumble along to catch up. All this, you know. But here is the rub:

To be able to move 'in the Spirit' is what so many of our brothers and sisters desperately need. It is also what they have been taught to dis, dismiss or deeply fear. So watch and learn so you may teach others to do ALL that Jesus commands with ALL the means Father provides. We're all in this together and the King has use of your gifting.

Stephen Replay of Deck teaching, click here.

List of recommended resources from Abigail:

  • The Holy Spirit and You by Rita and Dennis Bennett

  • The Holy Spirit and You Supplement by Rita and Dennis Bennett

  • How to Pray for the Release of the Holy Spirit by Dennis Bennett

  • The Glorious Disturbance by Ernest Gentile

  • The Power of Impartation by Paul M. Goulet

  • The Power of Praying in Tongues by Glenn Arekion

  • Seventy Reasons for Praying in Tongues by Dr. Bill Hamon

  • The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues by Mahesh Chavda

  • Evidence for Speaking in Tongues by Billy Prewitt

  • The Gifts of the Spirit by Derek Prince

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