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Facts & Friction, Fiction & Face-offs: A Month to Content for Your Promise

This is the biblical month when Israel was supposed to enter the long awaited Promised Land... Oops. What about you? What promise is before you now that God wants you to enter and occupy? What are the giants and intimidations that confront you?

We struggle with the same dynamics that they did - Facts go through friction and become fiction. Face-offs and fear result: Refusal and rebellion follow. So easy to forget all that God has done on our behalf. So easy to start to diminish the glory of the Promise or to question if it really is ours to take.

In this month, we need to call upon that 'different spirit' that God saw in Caleb. There is fierceness in you by the Spirit: That dogged determination and willingness to mix it up and stay true to the Master.

Here are some questions to walk through with God: - What is the PROMISE before you NOW? - What is the RISK you must take in obedience? - What are the FACTS – good and bad? - What FRICTION is stirring because of those? - What FICTION is being spun that breeds FEAR? - Will you stir up your I.D. (Inner Dog)? - Will that I.D. CLARIFY how/what you see? - Can you then see… - The deep goodness of the promise? - That the protection of the giants is gone? - That those giants will actually feed you? - That fear will consume if not confronted?

We are called to be Caleb's in the midst of a caustic, capsized, and captivated world.

We HAVE that different Spirit.

Time to find and feed that inner dog. Time to enter the Promise. Stephen Full replay of this Deck teaching, here.

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