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The Veil You Face and the Power of the Blood

Our culture (in and out of the church) likes to mix things together or reduce them to the simplest form so it's easier to grasp. Think of sound bites and the Dummies Guide to....whatever. Sometimes that helps. Yet all too often it can and does distort the truth and dilute the power.

We speak of the Blood as if it is something we all just 'get.' No need to really elaborate, right? It's all part of the package. Yet there is a clear reason why God highlights the Blood not only on His first appointed time (Passover) but also on His sixth (Atonement) and why He separates those by six months. And there is a reason He's bringing in front and center NOW.

The Blood is the Life. The Blood has a Voice. The Blood is your covering. But there is more - much, much more.

If you've got all the revelation you need about the Blood, no worries. If you're operating in deep and unwavering intimacy with Him without barriers or veil, excellent. If, however, you feel various veils or think your awareness of the Power of the Blood is less than what it is, then this replay is for you. This is no academic, theological or mental exercise. It's simply a deeper revelation of the Blood and why we need to embrace that now.

But here's the funny part: He's displayed two big parts in a recent car commercial.

Jehovah Sneaky strikes again.

Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching, here.

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