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God Has to Break the Box

God has to work hard to get His own kids to think outside the box. Once-upon-a-time fresh patterns can solidify and become religious and oh, so very quickly. Worship is one of those boxes. In this, His 7th appointed time, He's set a party - an actual party - as the means of worship. And He's so serious about it that He even foots the bill.

His command in all of this is to rejoice. But that isn't a forced emotional state. It's a verb: A set of actions that will trigger the emotion...eventually. For to rejoice is not 'just try and be happy.' It's a demand on the depths and not the shallows.

How's the deep state of joy in you? Is it vibrant and full or are there dry places? It is during this same Feast (John 7) that Jesus cries out in the Temple for the thirsty ones to find the River.

The way is not hard, but it is specific.

  • Identify the thirsty places.

  • Come to Him with those.

  • Drink deeply.

  • Let the River flow.

We had a remarkable party here last night - the entire night.

We worshiped Him: First in song, then prophecy, then Word, and then in food and drink. And laughter and Life permeated e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Watch the replay - get recalibrated - worship as He directs - . Let new joy arise in you and break you out of the box. Stephen Replay of this teaching, click here.

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