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Fake News & The Virus of Fear

Fake news and the wild spread of a virus? That sums up the rebellion at Kadesh Barnea in Numbers 13/14 and it aligns with this very month. The fake news of the 'majority report' (10 spies) swept over Israel in just one night and fear spread like a wildfire virus.

The majority became the mob and it overwhelmed their short term memory of God's power and erased any recollection of His long standing promise. They turned away from the inheritance that was right in front of them. Fortunately, WE are nothing like them...ahem.

Like them, how we PERCEIVE determines how we PROCEED. Example: Zoom in and look closely at the slide below* - What do you perceive?

See the people? The animals? You must learn to see in several dimensions or you miss the whole. In like manner, what is our frame of reference to rightly perceive ALL that transpires now? Do we perceive the Kingdom inheritance that lies before us, just as it was before Israel? Or will we align with the 'majority report', be swept by fear and join the mob?

In this month, choose to be as Caleb who perceived that giants need not be feared but only deemed as pending provision. That is the clarity we need in the midst of the pandemonium. We all face both some kind of 'giant' AND a promise that God has appointed for here and now. These are linked and He awaits our response. Don't traffic in anyone's fake news or spread the virus of fear. Perceive accurately - proceed accordingly.

His Kingdom Comes. Stephen Replay of this word on YouTube. Replay of the entire Deck on Facebook. *BTW - The stunning graphics of families/animals was created for World For All pet adoption by Pranave Bhide & Amol Jadhav in Mumbai, India. See full size images and the credits here.

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