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A Month of New Beginnings - Align in His Process

In this 8th biblical month the Lord speaks into and brings forth new beginnings that He has planned.

For our part, we need the WHOLE counsel of God to grasp how His ways are not ours and that there is a process to begin anew.

In scripture, 8 is linked to circumcision - a sign of Covenant and belonging, but one that requires something is cut off for that mark to be made.

Brass tacks: 'something old that has to go.' Since it may be small or large, both the scalpel and the chainsaw are at His disposal. (Yowza!)

The Flood narrative is linked to this month and it has many principles about God's new beginning process - all are vital and relevant. (Best to watch replay.)

One point, for now: In this day and age when we want instant change, God shows us how the 'Noah 8' were shut away for a year and ten days to then emerge into their new beginning.

Don't be alarmed if you're in a longer transition: He's in charge and at work to clear away the old to make way for the new.

Gideon is a member of God's 8th tribe, Manasseh, and his process shows us much.

For one thing, it reminds us that while sometimes we may be searching for a new beginning, sometimes it finds and confront us...particularly when we're hiding in a hole just trying to survive.

And like Gideon, our first task may be to pull down a generational altar/stronghold that was built and maintained by those before us.

In this month, we also watch for Covenantal signs that are both legitimate and critical for new beginnings.

Some He gives in advance, some as you go (if you'll go,) and some are released only when the task is complete.

But He will show you signs - provided you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Much, much more in the replay. Perhaps too much. But give it a watch and let the Spirit connect the dots to your new beginning.

He's up to something new, so choose to align with Him in His time.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Full replay of The Flight Deck on Facebook.


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