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It's Time for More AWE

We're smack dab in the middle of the Days of Awe.

How's your awe functioning?

We get pretty disconnected from the idea of face-to-face contact with The All Powerful, Mysterious, fry-Aaron's-sons-cause-they-were-too-familiar God. (Lev. 10)

Maybe it's time for a recalibration?

A wise saint once said, 'We've grown far too familiar with a God we don't even know.'

I feel for Aaron in those days of Awe as he prepared to go behind the Veil: Two sons were dead from their close, unauthorized encounter.

Just how do you get your head and heart around that?

His awe-factor had to be off the charts. His days of Awe - clarifying.

Two goats were required in order to deal with Israel's sin: One was sacrificed so that his blood could be brought into the Presence.

The other was loaded down with sin and removed from the Presence and the community. Both of these represent the work and sacrifice of Christ.

Yet, in some ways, they could also parallel the daily choice we have to be like one goat or the other.

We can die to self and enter into the Presence fully by His Blood, or choose to keep bearing our pet sins and wander in the wilderness.

In these Days of Awe, take time to find some.

He is overwhelmingly Other. Powerful. Awesome.

Indeed, we have access behind the Veil - but The Price was Everything.

And our way through into that Intimacy, requires that we likewise die.

Choose this day to do so, and so, find LIFE.


PS: Wow! Special guests from Israel next Flight Deck: See pic below.

Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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