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The Danger of a Quiet 'No'

There is seismic power in a 'quiet yes' to a word of God over your life - but it is not safe.

Yet more dangerous still is a 'quiet no.'

Last night we looked at two different responses to The AG (Angel Gabriel) and the word he delivered.

Both Mary and Zacharias were highly favored, rightly troubled, and both had a question.

Mary submitted to the prophecy over her and tapped into the power of Covenant to carry her through the risks ahead.

Zach was another story.

His question was not for clarification but a statement of unbelief: A kind of 'quiet no.'

Consequences always follow.

Not only could he not speak, he couldn't hear either. (See Lk 1:62.) His nine-month time-out was in absolute silence.

'So, you don't want to speak in faith? Fine, then don't speak at all. You don't want to listen to me? Fine, you won't be able to hear anything!'

The principle: When we speak a 'quiet no' to a Word over us, we too may lose our voice and our ability to hear the Lord clearly.

More on the replay along with this connected dynamic: In this season, God is taking many back to points of traumatic loss when identities were altered by words spoken and the branding that followed.

Jacob and Mordecai demonstrate that True Fatherhood reaches back and down, draws us close, and then renames and restores us into our destiny.

So take the time now: Lean into His heart.

Ask to see where He wants to restore and rename you and places where 'quiet no's have diminished your voice and your ability to hear.

His 'quiet yes' will stir you to speak the same and fierce faith will arise.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

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