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The WAIT of Glory!

Do you have a wait problem?

Israel did and it cost them dearly.

For it was in this 4th month when, tired of waiting, they 'exchanged their Glory for an image of a bull.'

Of course, we would NEVER do such a thing. Right?

The fact of the matter is that it's all too easy to exchange the glory for a quick dose of comfort, approval, control, or power so we feel better.

Those are the 5 primary idols that dominate the culture - and all too often, the church. 

No committed believer wants to fall for an idol but they are typically formed in the face of legitimate needs, desires, etc.

So often they draw us back to an old pattern, a flight to safety, but they become our wait-loss

Remember that in this same month, while Israel had a wait problem, Moses was receiving the wait of Glory.

As he waited on the Lord, his face was transformed from 'glory to glory with ever increasing glory.'

So also with us: We become what we behold as we actively wait in expectation.

For in the Presence of the King, the pressure of the wait is lifted, and we receive the Wait of Glory.

Align and walk in that blessing this month.

it is your birthright and His great joy.


PS: FYI - We're taking some sabbatical for this month and so there will be no Flight Deck, Men's Crash, or Apostolic Women gatherings, and limited Flight Deck Discipleship sessions.

Full replay of this word on YouTube.

Replay of entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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