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Tussle and Tread to Transition This Month

When we align with God's revelation for our time, we know how to watch and move forward with Him.

This 11th biblical month is linked with transitions: Messy and often chaotic they carry the potential of both peril and promise.

To navigate rightly will involve tussle and treading - struggle and stomping.

In scripture, the tussle of transition can be contra circumstance, time, a person, or The Person.

Regardless, it is paramount to understand the blessing of Asher linked by God for the process - specifically the anointing upon our feet and the boots to take us through.

Walking with God through transition is NOT a passive process. We must choose to be fully equipped and then tread through the territory to take it.

An additional anchored blessing of Asher is that of commensurate strength: The more challenging the day - the more strength we receive.

Clearly, we ALL need keep that front and center.

That God's calendar speaks right now of the tussle and treading of transition is a fascinating coincidence for our nation and what's about to occur.

Hmmm.... Hardly.

But it is also very much about the transition of the church and about us.

Time to align with what He's doing, in time, so we may likewise move forward in transition.

Stop and consider: What transition has He set before you?

Are you clear against what, who, or Whom you tussle?

Will you receive the requisite anointing for your walk, put on your big boy/big girl boots, embrace your divine limp and tread rightly and in time?

Transition: Tussle and tread - struggle and stomp.

Tread well through these days so you don't delay your promise.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of most of The Flight Deck on Facebook.


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