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Want Some Time On Fertile, Holy Ground? Sit Down

Last night was, well... hijacked by the Spirit of God.

He decided that the teaching Jeanne Webb had prepared was not on the agenda - But she was.

She was the message: Tender, transparent, broken, fierce, and courageous.

She laid her heart open to reveal the costly and precious lessons of her sojourn from the hellish stench of betrayal up and into the freedom of forgiveness.

It was not a short trek.

But the path to forgiveness from deep wounding is rarely a straight, simple road; it's more of a roller coaster - up, down, around, and repeat.

We must be brutally honest in this for we all harbor some place of offense, unforgiveness, and resentment.

And it is deadly to do so.

Out of His love for us, the Father requires we get free from these. This powerful testimony will help you navigate that pathway.

Now, if you're looking for 3 points and a story, or even a simple checklist of do's and don'ts to improve things: This ain't it.

If, however, you want a word of heart-to-heart encouragement and time on fertile, holy ground, plowed by a brave and bloodied woman - then here you go.

This is a gift. Take the time, sit down, and listen.


Replay of this Deck word is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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