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What?!? Is That All There Is to Christmas?

The thief has been stealthy in stealing the startling power of Christmas.

Even if you avoid the chaos of cultural celebrations, it's still easy to be lulled into a slumber of silent, holy night.

For, in truth, it was a violent invasion of the greatest magnitude.

We also miss the inconceivable actuality that He through Whom all things were made could somehow be compressed and contained in a few quivering pounds of flesh and blood.

But the angels got it!

Why else would they say that the miraculous sign was that He was wrapped in cloth and gurgling away in a feed trough?

They were astonished that He would shed The Grandeur of His Equality to become a simple, helpless homo sapiens.

So great was this delightful disparity that they exploded in euphoria and a boundless case of the jollies.

This is a powerful principle that extends beyond The Incarnation: God will disguise great glory in simple and 'common' people, places, and things.

But will we see the hand and handiwork of I AM - hidden in plain sight?

If so, like the angels, we will be thunderstruck and thankful.

Much more packed into the short teaching part (30 min) on the replay.

It is followed by six compelling testimonies - brief stories of God 'wondering' them.

Watch and listen. Let it soak your bones.

Attend the FULL meaning and revelation of Christmas.

Grab hold of why the angels were jolted into joy and join them in off-the-chain exuberance.

Merry Christmas!


Replay of this teaching and testimonies on YouTube.

Replay of this entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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