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What's Stopping You? It's Time to Advance in Av

We're in the biblical month when God wanted Israel to step into the fulfillment of His Covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It was to be a month of 'Yahoo - Finally!'

But because that promise had peril, an entire generation panicked, profaned, and perished.

What about us? Are we prepared to go at His command right now, despite the fact that,

  • What we are to do,

  • Where we are to go,

  • How we're supposed to do it, or

  • With whom we're supposed to work,

does not fit our expectations or desires?

Perhaps that is why God moves us through 'The Narrows' or 'Straits' right now? (See replay for explanation.)

For while going through this eye of a needle can be painful, clutter must be stripped off so we may then enter the broad place of the promise.

On Sunday, Chuck released a word to 'clean out the pond' that has cluttered the original vision, and so make room for what God has promised.

Clearly, Israel had far too much clutter in their pond so they refused to advance when God said, 'Go, now!'

Not so for you: It's time to reclaim the full 'Yahoo - Finally!' aspect of this 5th biblical month.

Clean your pond, make room for more, be ready to respond quickly and fully to the 'Go now! directive when He speaks.

Remember: His promise has your name on it.

What's stopping you?


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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