You've GOT to get in on

We're in the first month of God's new cycle and He starts it out by opening up "a big can of whoop-a**" on the enemy. The scriptures tied to this first month paint a compelling picture of God consistently and persistently outmaneuvering the enemy...time and time and time again. This is a month of Divine re-set and God BLASTS open the process and invites you to jump in. By linking this month with the tribe of Judah, He reminds us that while Christ came as the Passover Lamb, He was born of the line of Judah, The Lion. Lion blood in a lamb coat: The enemy is lured into false security and then, WHAM O! Judah means 'praise' and they are established at the front entrance to the Tabernacle. First i

The JOLT you need is coming...

​There's a progression that God uses that has a real JOLT in it. We all need it. It's typically the only way REAL change comes But there's an uncomfortable build up of the pressure that usually proceeds it. THAT'S the part that can drive us nuts and the place when many abandon hope just as the pressures were getting right so God could 'launch' them. They bailed. They're stuck. They stay in their Egypt - their past - the comfort of their familiar cells. An F18 ready to launch off the flight deck is absolutely STRAINING for release: The forces built up within and upon it could tear it apart. But... There's purpose to the pressure and the 'jolt' that will soon come. The path to and through a

WHAT did you just say?!?! (Don't worry - there's actually Greatness there.)

Last night at the Deck was remarkable. It's so important that we bring other voices into the room: Fresh revelation from fresh sources. Debbie Vizcarrondo brought an amazing word - A revelation God exploded into her heart and then brought into the room last night with impact. I highly recommend that you watch the replay. In a time when we have to understand how to fight through the battle that we're in, Debbie brought a focus on some simple things that we all say. But we have no idea what we've just activated. It is a tremendous source of power and encouragement. I'd say more - give a mini-lesson as I try to do in this follow through - but I do not want to diminish the 'ah-hah' that she rele

You 'packing' and don't know it? Make sure to pull the right trigger

So....Just one quick imprint from last night. Last week 'Papa Jim' was waiting to have a rather scary test done to see if there might be a tumor growing. (An earlier test had raised serious questions about a possible 'mass.') As he was waiting and praying with this unknown before him, God gave him a picture of a loaded double-barrel shot gun: One shell was 'faith' and the other was 'fear.' He had the choice: Which one to fire? He chose faith. Let that simple picture imprint upon you. What's YOUR situation? Do you know that you're packing this kind of 'heat?' Truth be told, we all face many of these decisions every day. Usually they're small things but sometimes large. We choose so quickly

A time to unsheathe that sword and engage the fight

You're in God's next month now - the 12th one. In the bible it's called 'Adar' and linked to the tribe of Naphtali. First, the good news: It's a month to prevail. Second, the fine print: You have to wrestle to do so. Prevail? Great. Wrestle? Sounds...sweaty and upclose and personal. (Isn't there just some pill I can take or book I can read?) This month is also tied to the celebration called Purim (in Esther): a party that culminates a year long process. You can't bypass the process to get to the party. There are key actions we walk out to get to the party-hardy phase. Esther and Mordicai are typically the ones we study to see how those scriptures might apply to us or perhaps others in leade

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